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The Hurley Electric Proven Process

Leave Your Worries Behind With Our Stress-Free Process

If you’ve been planning on making your home comfier and safer, you might also have worried about the risks and damages your outdated electrical system might cause. But planning what it takes to improve it can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never encountered electrical issues in your home.

Our process makes it easy for you to get a reliable electrical system without worrying about the technicalities. We take pride in doing great work that will give you a safe home with updated electrical systems, so let us do all the hard work while you enjoy some well-deserved rest knowing everything’s up to code inside and out.

1 Constulation Call

Reach out to us by filling out the form and providing us with as many details as possible about your home’s electrical needs. If you could send us a few pictures to help us assess the situation better, that will help us in estimating a time and a budget for your project. We’ll give you a call to discuss your project.

2 In-House Assessment

We’ll arrive at your location and inspect the space in detail in order to determine the best approach for your new electrical system upgrade. We’ll also inspect for any damages that need to be fixed while we’re at it. Once we agree on the upgrades your home needs, we’ll give you a cost and time estimate for everything involved in the process.

3 Electrical Work

After we sign the contract for your electrical project, we’ll get started with the installation work, providing the new voltage capacity that your home requires and the proper safety measures for your devices. We want you to stay relaxed and enjoy the entire experience, so when everything is done, we’ll make sure to clean the place properly so it will look like we were never there.

4 Follow-Up Call

Your happiness and safety are very important to us, so in order to keep your mind at ease further on, we’ll come back with a follow-up call 3 days after we finished the work. It’s our important check-in to make sure everything is running smoothly and will continue to do so.

5 Rediscover

You’ve made a wise decision and upgraded your electrical system in order to keep your home protected against electrical damages and fire hazards. That’s a big step towards a better quality of life and a safer future for yourself, your loved ones, and your home. It’s time to discover how living in a smart, efficient home feels!