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Solar Panel Installations

Solar is the best choice for an alternative electrical source.

Solar Panel Installations - Serving Pennsylvania

Solar panels are quickly becoming more popular among home and business owners as a way to natural heat and light up a building. Currently, fuel prices keep increasing as there is no end in sight. As we search effortlessly for an alternative fuel source, we look more and more into solar and how it can benefit us more. Natural lighting from the sun allows us to lower our energy bills and dependency. Call Hurley Electric for solar panel installations and save big.

One of the most significant advantages of solar panels is they do not emit any gases or smoke, which makes them an environmentally friendly alternative to your furnace. Solar panels do not affect one’s health and don’t leave behind carbon footprints.

Solar Devices

A solar device absorbs energy from the sun, which helps generate a natural form of electricity in the home. They can also be referred to as photovoltaic cells since they are constructed out of cells that help to convert light from the sun into electricity.

Free Energy Source

Solar panels ensure ongoing free energy. The only cost with them is associated with the installation. Once we have installed yours, the point is free to consume. There is no regular maintenance associated with solar panels either.

Operating Off-Grid

Solar panels can operate off of the grid too. This is a great advantage to living in isolated areas of Mechanicsburg, PA; living off the grid often means fewer power lines and a more expensive upfront installation cost.


Solar cell panels are durable and can withstand all types of weather conditions. There are non-moving parts in these devices. This reduces the chance of them being destroyed. Solar panels can last for years and years if installed correctly.


Most of all, solar panels can save you money. After the initial installations, there is no routine maintenance needed for them or replacements. You won’t spend another dime trying to heat or light the home. Solar panels can save you money on the following:

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Installation costs

Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy is immaculate and renewable. Unlike gas, oil, or coal, solar power helps to protect our environment and keep it from becoming more contaminated. Solar is the best choice for an alternative electrical source.

Call Hurley Electric, as we are electricians that can attend to your solar panel installation. Over the years, we have seen the many benefits of what solar power can do and how it is a safe and clean energy source.

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