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Smart House Automation

Total control over your home is a significant benefit to saving money and time.

Smart House Automation Services in Mechanicsburg, PA, and surrounding areas.

Total control over your home is a significant benefit to saving money and wasting less time. Smart house automation provides greater comfort and personal security. You can simplify your life by calling Hurley Electric for an automation installation. We are the experts in the area who have helped many see the benefits of this and have saved them money over time. Call today to see how you can be affected through total automation.

You no longer have to come home to a cold, dark house anymore. With automation, you can set your lights on when you arrive home. This will waste less money on energy bills while protecting the home from security dangers.


Convenience knows that your thermostat knows precisely the right setting and consistent temperatures you like for comfort. You can lower your monthly heating bill when away from home for more extended periods of time through an automated thermostat device.

Going Wireless

With home automation, the possibilities are limitless. Everything can be done with the click of only a button. You can start your automation out with only a few electrical appliances around the house and eventually grow them to:

  • Wireless doorbells
  • Wireless door locks


Automating your residence saves you lots of time and energy in PA. You are watering the flowers or lawn, setting the temps on the thermostat, and turning the lights on or off-take time out of our lives. Hurley Electric can make life more convenient and practical on your behalf.


When you live in an automated home, you live in a safe and secure home. You can be away from home for long periods and not have to worry about your utility bills accumulating or electrical hazards that threaten a home.

You can save more with an automated home. Your energy bills will lower, as well as your heating and cooling. Your home will automatically take care of itself. The following devices can work off of home automation:

  • Irrigation systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Lighting
  • Appliances
  • Water heater
Don’t keep wasting more time. We are a society of people on the go and need conveniences to make our lives easier. Contact Hurley’s electricians, that can take you there. We can provide smart home automation on any home in the area.

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