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Ceiling Fans

There are many advantages to utilizing a ceiling fan in your home.

Ceiling Fan Electrician Services in Mechanicsburg, PA, and surrounding areas)

Many homeowners feel that a fan for their ceiling will lower the temperature inside a room. In the summer, a fan’s blades should go counter-clockwise to create a wind-chill effect. If yours is not doing as it should or you’re having new construction built, call Hurley Electric for ceiling fan services.

We can create a design for the home’s interior and execute it all in a day. Our prices are solid as there are never hidden charges associated with our costs.

Advantages of Ceiling Fans

  • They assist the air conditioning in circulation
  • Prevent pests from infesting the home
  • More comfort and control than a floor fan
  • Efficiency

A fan on the ceiling is much more effective than one on the floor. A ceiling unit covers more area and does not obstruct a walking path at night. More coverage means consistent temperatures inside the rooms.

Pest Prevention

So many people are tortured each year by insects and flying pests. Summer heat brings them in just as a fan takes them out. Insects such as mosquitoes are attracted to warmth. The blade of a fan distracts the insects from wanting to make nests or populate in your home in Mechanicsburg, PA.


Hurley Electric knows what you are looking for and we can deliver it and install it in your home professionally. A new unit will be more effective in removing the home’s humidity and replacing it with comfort.

Hot & Cold Airflow

You can also use your fan to capitalize on the seasons you are running it. If you constantly turn the heat on because it is too cold, use your fan to circulate the air throughout the home and do the same whenever you run your AC in the summer.

There are many advantages to utilizing Hurley Electric’s electricians for ceiling fan services in your home. Call today and make your home more comfortable and lower your energy bills.

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