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Troubleshooting and Repair

Whatever the issue, we want to make your home problem-free.

Electrical Troubleshooting and Repairs in Mechanicsburg, PA, and surrounding areas.

Flickering lights, burning wire smell throughout the home, and more can build up to one massive problem. We can resolve any electrical issue through troubleshooting and repairs. For years, we have been trustworthy electricians that deliver quality service at affordable prices. Call today and schedule yours. We want to make your home problem-free. The work gets done on time and can be done at your residence or business.

Before your electrical problem worsens, contact Hurley Electric. Your electrical issues will be tracked through our inspection service and executed immediately for your convenience. We can resolve just about any topic that we come across.

Licensed and Insured Technicians

Once you know the warning signs, it will make calling an electrician easier. You should never perform electrical work independently because working with electricity requires a trained, licensed, and insured expert to keep the home safe in Hurley Electric.

Local and Convenient

Go with who the locals choose when they want great work done at great prices. Hurley Electric is a locally owned, fully licensed, trained, and motivated company that is always just a phone call away from doing residential and commercial electrical work.


You can do a lot of electrical repairs on your own time, but whenever they get out of control and consume your life, professionals must take care of them. Take your ceiling fan, for instance; a ceiling fan may seem easy to install, but what about when the motor breaks down? We can do your repairs quickly and conveniently.


Lighting is something electrical that permanently should be installed and repaired professionally. Unless you bring it home from the store, put a light bulb in it, and plug it in; you need someone to go into the walls or ceiling to repair your lighting fixtures.

Ceiling Fan Repairs

Your ceiling fan is an intricate piece of electrical machinery. It prevents humidity in the home as the blade swiftly takes it away. But whenever the fan stops, the motor usually has a problem.


Professional electrical services are as easy to get done as anything else. Call (717) 678-7550, and we will show up at your door to attend to your problems. We trust our experts to provide an excellent service to you and your family.

Troubleshooting and repairs best come from licensed, insured, and always available. Our Hurley’s electricians have years of combined experience and want to lend our expertise to your electrical problems.

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